The difference between 30p and 70p a click

Anyone who can use a smart phone, can in theory use Facebook advertising for themselves.

So, why the need for social media strategists, marketers, researchers, content creators, copywriters, graphic designers and others used when creating a social media campaign?

Since 2010, when I first started using social media to help charities, local businesses and promoting personal projects, to 2015 when I took the leap to set up my own agency. The industry and the amount of companies/people offering social media services has skyrocketed!

It seems as though, in addition to the qualified/experienced/professional marketers out there, there was new bread of social media advertisers out there, who had learnt to do it themselves.

My challenge was to highlight my marketing background, membership of the chartered Institute of marketing and my general passion for marketing.

However, the only real way to do this was through adding value!

Is it worth is for 40p?

When it comes to adding value, the best way to do that, is through results, but what do we mean by results?

​We found, the difference between businesses doing social media for themselves or using us, was that we could urn 70p a click into 30p a click. That there was the value.

If we go back to what I said earlier about anybody being able to use social media, I believe anybody could achieve about 70p a click. The question is, why would someone use a social media agency to get 30p a click and save 40p?

So, now I had to consider adding value to a client. I did this by using a budget of £1000 a month, as an example. Using the figure 70p a click… That equals about 1400 clicks to their website.

This does not include the amount of time they have invested and the opportunity cost of them running the Facebook campaign rather than doing working on parts of the business.

How to get results!

Due to the experience gained and other variables mentioned above regards how we as marketers achieve results… from the same £1000 budget we can achieve 30p per click. This may not immediately sound like a huge saving, but when you consider the impact it has… it means:

That £1000 budget is now achieving, 30p per click and delivering over 3,300 clicks to the same website!

It is also worth bearing in mind, to achieve 3300 clicks based on 70p a click, it would mean a budget of £2332. So simple maths would tell you, using an agency, has saved you £1332.00!!!

This saving of £1332.00 is much much higher than any management or set up fee would be… So, straight away, the idea of using an agency suddenly no-brainer! Also, not forgetting the time invested by the business to achieve that 70p a click. This way, you simply tell us what your target is and what you want to achieve, and we make it happen.

Making the difference.

Rather than stressing the differences and the value I can bring as a theoretical discussion, I will keep it simple. Every click to the website will save my client 40p.

The next thing to consider is budget and just 40p’s I can save my client. More often than not, when clicks increase, so do sales… and when you realise something is working, it’s only natural to want more.

As a result. most my clients increase budgets and get even more bang for their buck!

If you’re not sure if you need someone else to do your social media or if you’ve not tried it yet and just need some advice, you can call me on 0161 410 4455 or if you prefer to message, you can do on Whatsapp or Messenger.

Outsourcing your social media? Here’s all you need to know – Part 2

Last week we introduced you to eight key considerations when choosing a social media management provider. We wanted to give you an all round view of the world of social media management; there are a plethora of different agencies offering various services. We understand handing over the reigns of your social media channels is a big deal, so take a look at the points below to help you make an informed decision when choosing your social media partner:

They position themselves as a social media management provider – The marketing industry is diverse, practitioners have multiple areas of expertise. What does the brand identity of your provider tell you? Do they brand themselves as a digital marketing agency, a content marketing agency, or do they focus purely on social media? The likelihood is that a provider that focuses purely on social will have more in-depth knowledge and expertise.
They understand strategy – Social media should be included in your overall business and marketing strategy; the team at your social media management provider will create a seperate social media strategy considering your target audience and business objectives, then mapping a clear plan with actions, timescales and metrics in place to measure success in line with your business objectives.
They continually evolve – We mentioned last week your provider should be on the cusp of emerging technology and trends; they should be able to demonstrate how they’ve used new tech for other clients and continue to adapt the strategy plan to make sure you are getting the results you want
They offer training – A great agency will provide training to equip you with skills and knowledge to better manage your social media, whether that’s etiquette on responding to rude customers, ephemeral content ideas or how not to use hashtags
They monitor, listen and respond to your customers in a “social” way – Engaging with a customer on social media is a different art to speaking to them over the phone; your social media management provider should understand that and they should always be looking for ways to cultivate leads, to cross-sell and to reach out to bloggers, consumers and influencers. Soc-Med have multiple years of delivering results and have a network of bloggers and influencers.

They keep in touch – Social media should be exactly that – social. Your social media management team should be proactive in their communication: picking up the phone, scheduling regular catch-up and evaluation meetings, digging deep and finding out about upcoming campaigns, new product lines and any changes that will impact the services they offer you.

Soc-Med offer all the services and considerations detailed here and in part 1 [hyperlink to part 1 article]; we spend time getting to know you, your team and your brand so we can create interesting, relevant and authentic content.

If you want to find out more about how we can work together to boost your online presence and reach new customers, give us a call on 0161 410 4455 or email our Director Kaz.

Outsourcing your social media? Here’s what you need to know – Part 1

You might be struggling to understand the value and potential of social media for your business. With 2.62 billion social media accounts set up across the globe, the business potential of using social media to reach new customers is significant. Leading brands are seeing measurable results in sales, leads, not to mention positive PR and a boost to their brand image.

Outsourcing your social media will allow you to focus on what you do best, whether that’s generating new retail clients, developing new fruit cordials or researching sustainable packaging options. If you’re new to the world of social media management, you might be wondering what you should look out for when scouting the market for a social media management agency. We can help – take a look at the pointers below:

They provide expertise – A good social media management provider will know which social media channels work for you and more importantly know how to take advantage of new technology, tools and emerging platforms, whether that includes new features such as changes in character counts or personalisation features. They’ll also be making recommendations on messaging, tone and the best time to post

They know your sector – Do they have experience of managing social media accounts for other brands within your sector? An understanding of your industry, services, products, challenges and what will drum up some well-deserved attention will save you and them time in the long-run

They engage – What type of engagement are their current clients getting? If their last post was three weeks ago and there’s no sign of any online dialogue that should ring warning bells to steer clear

They have ideas – It can be hard to think outside the box when it comes to your own brand; your social media agency should offer a fresh pair of eyes with new, innovative ideas for content across channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube
They understand performance and ROI – Tracking the performance and ROI from social media is vital; your agency should have a data-driven mindset and start by analysing your current online presence and engagement levels, then using detailed analytics to identify trends to develop a strategy to achieve your goals. They should have a close eye on engagement levels, followers, impressions and other metrics to prove their content is resonating with your audience and meeting your business objectives, whether that’s generating sales, building your brand presence or attracting new influencers
They understand customer support is a priority – Social channels aren’t simply for posting content; service-led businesses use social media as key channels to interact with their customers; if that’s the same for you, your social media management provider should demonstrate the tact and diplomacy in their own online engagement that is vital for great customer service
They know a fake when they see it – your agency will be able to spot a fake or copycat account; these can be detrimental to your brand image, so your agency will take action and arrange for these to be taken down to reduce the risk of any negative brand perception

Digital marketing moves fast. This undoubtedly impacts the rate at which social media features change, but for a business owner, particularly of an SME or startup, keeping up with these changes can be a challenge and time that you just can’t dedicate to. And that’s where working with a social media management company comes into play.

Soc-Med promise to provide all of the services mentioned above; next week we’ll be sharing more must-have’s when choosing your social media management agency.

If you want to find out more about how our team can help you boost your online presence across social media and reach new customers, give us a call on 0161 410 4455 or email our Director Kaz.

Social Media, Is your business missing out?

A clever social media team will horizon scan for new social media trends and technology, they’ll know about the vital changes, whether it’s the rise of chatbots to interact with your customers, or the slow decline of organic reach. They will make recommendations for which channels and new techniques could work for you and your business to help you create a stronger brand positioning and reach new customers.

We’ve hit the halfway point through 2018; you still have time to tap into the potential of new opportunities that are infiltrating the wonderful world of social media.

Chat, chat, chatbots – Integrating chatbot technology onto your social media channels will make customer service a whole lot easier and faster. According to Gartner, 20% of business content could be machine-generated by 2018. If machines can be taught to create stories that are genuine and relatable, there’s potential in investigating how businesses can use bots to interact with customers, not just as a customer services means.
According to Facebook, 63% of people are messaging more than they were two years ago, with 80% of adults and 91% of teenagers using messenger services such as Facebook messenger and Whatsapp daily. Consumers are sadept and confident in using this technology: its quick, its convenient, it uses natural, intuitive language that consumers understand and it saves time not having to wait on hold for minutes, possibly hours for a customer services agent to respond.

As bots become smarter you will be able to personalise your brand voice and messaging. Facebook reported that they now see 100,000 monthly active bots on Facebook Messenger, offering a whole new platform for marketers to connect with audiences

Ephemeral content…the stuff that’s there, then gone!

We don’t want to miss out and neither do consumers, which is why the use of ephemeral content such as Snapchat posts, Instagram and Facebook stories that last 24 hours is increasing. Creating a sense of scarcity and offering a deal for a limited period of time pushes consumers to engage with your brand. Brands are now will creating a seperate strategy for ephemeral content as they jostle to keep their stories at the top of their consumers social feeds. Ideas such as providing behind the scenes footage, sneak-peaks of new products in development, snippets of customers engaging with you and your brand, also weekly promotions and competitions could all provide benefit; we can help you further by developing an ephemeral content strategy.

The rise of augmented reality
iPhone 8 and iPhone X provide users with new augmented reality experiences, brands will start to integrate AR content into strategies. Snapchat have an AR feature that allows users to project themselves or images into the real world through the app’s camera.

Whether you’re an independent restaurant launching a new menu or you provide high-end hair accessories and eco-friendly makeup products, you can offer consumers a full, 360 degree view of your new product using special filters, providing a more immersive experience.

Video that…

Mobile video is the number one fastest growing advertising formats; by 2020 80% of online internet traffic will be video. Facebook Live and Instagram Live are great tools to post high quality, engaging and exciting content.

Nearly half of businesses are already implementing social videos, with more money being invested into social and digital ads than on TV advertising.

Soc-Med can recommend ideas and create video content to help you achieve your business objectives – these can range from customer testimonials, product demonstrations, ‘how-to’ videos and a whole lot more.

Even business software is becoming social…

Business tools are increasingly integrating social media into their interfaces; Microsoft bought LinkedIn this year meaning they will integrate LinkedIn’s professional listings into Outlook and Dynamics 365, so your businesses can instantly tap into social data about prospective sales leads and new talent. People can personalise emails and messages, too.

Aim for the target…
Free ad targeting will decline on Facebook and to reach your consumers via the News Feed will cost you. Advertising targeting technology is getting more sophisticated and precise; Soc-Med can recommend how, when and where your advertising is best placed. We are ahead of the curve with this and we’ve led successful Facebook advertising strategies for ‘Positive About MS’, for instance, spending £96 to boost their advert helped reach over 507,000 people, resulting in 122,000 video views with over 10,000 reactions, comments and shares.

Social media moves fast. As a business owner, keeping up with the trends and changes can be a challenge and time that you just can’t dedicate to. But the team at Soc-Med the expertise and passion to keep on top of these trends; we know how brands have tapped into social media features to generate sales, expand their brand presence and reach new contacts.

If you want to find out more about how our team can help you boost your online presence across social media and reach new customers, give us a call on 0161 410 4455 or email our Director Kaz.

Social Media Services for Growing Your Business

Nowadays, social media marketing has become the most popular factors of networking sites. Social media incorporates social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Social media websites are used for social media marketing purpose. To generate content material in such forums, perception and information are required. Anyone can develop a website, but building a reputed presence is not an easy venture to reach out their target audience. If you want the best social media services, you must hire a professional expert who will make sure that you are advertising and marketing campaign will pay off.

Social media become usually viewed as the shape of speaking with others via instant massaging and blogging. It was not until numerous years ago people started seeing social media as an advertising and marketing tool. Social media in advertising and marketing is a short and easy way to share a business information such as products or services available to consumers. Targeting advertising is becoming a major role in as social media marketing. A large number of people who use social media is significant for organizations to advertise their products or services to. Networking is the largest component of marketing via social media. It goes form developing relationships with customers to attaining out to get new customers and the way to find the new people through social media sites.

Newspaper, TV, and radio had been the essential forms of commercial advertising before social media came into play. Now social media consisting of Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, and Pinterest is used for advertising today, using social media is an approach is becoming extra effective in advertising than some other tactics.

Social media management is the act of monitoring and participating in social conversions across platforms. It is very important for many reasons. It is also very important that you use social media to take part in a conversion about your own brand, find out information about the industry in general, and your competitor. If you are not actually pursuing an active social media plan yet, you are able to get information and keeps a tab on what people are saying and this is important for trends and basic information.

Best way to communicate with potential clients:

These days networking sites offer the best platform to communicate directly with your target audience. Forgetting the user ‘s feedback and suggestions about the products and services, and know their demand, networking portals, and the perfect solution. Business companies can also receive the customer’s queries. These are the key reason why most of the social media companies avail the help of professionals shared networking receives networking services.

To Generate traffic on the web:

It is the good way to generate the traffic for your business. Professionals firms which offer Facebook ads services, SMO services effectively advertise business and brand over the web which allows the clients to enjoy the traffic to their websites.

Increase Revenue: At the end of the day, the goal of a social media campaign is to increase revenue. By using a social media platform to reach the people and generate refined web traffic, businesses significantly increase revenue, particularly when a search engine marketing firm develops and manages the campaign.

There are many more social media services available; however, each service will provide something different when it comes to benefits, and the specific audience you will have access to. All social media Platforms are not created equal and each service will provide something a little different. It will be up to the business owner to test which service will prove to be the best fit for the products and services they provide.

How Social Media Helps in Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is rising popularity. It is the effective way to raise the money needed to complete many projects. You are now able to reach more audience and your results are more often. For organizations looking for recommendations on how may optimize your crowdfunding campaign for achievement, there are techniques and secrets that are sure to provide you with the best chance of a meeting your goals.

While thinking about starting a new business the first thing that comes in our mind is funding. There are many ways to raise money for a certain cause, but you don’t know how to do so. Personal savings, loans from friends, banks loans are the most popular way to collect the money. But before you launch your next project out into the crowdfunding, there are a few things you need to know.

Everything you need to know about crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is largely the process of pooling budget from the public “ crowd” where the finances are utilized to generate revenue to start an organization, invent a product and a social crowd. He growing reputation of the crowdfunding generation can majorly be attributed to the social media, statistics technology and the value-powerful nature of the manner. So, messaging and audience targeting are a vastly more critical audience to a crowdfunding campaign that they would to be a conventional advertising and marketing each.

Strategic social media:

Professionals exceedingly emphasized which you do not want a blanket presence on social media . What you need to do is to pick the networks so as to quality suit your advertising and content material techniques and where your possible supporters can be determined. You ought to no longer neglect to personalize your promotion so as in an effort to fit each platform.

You should clear about your idea, vision or your product. If you can’t explain the audience properly about your goals, your fundraising idea may be in useless. Likewise, a successful crowdfunding campaign calls for you lay out as many records regarding yourself and your product and your products as possible if you want to entice backers.

In the world of crowdfunding, you need to work with smartness. It is all about the message, you need on the focus which you want to resolve, in the preference to the blessings you provide. Don’t forget, you ‘re competing with the thousands of the other, very similar gives to the atmosphere, and you need to show your capability backers why your services and products solve their hassle better than others. Spending money on your product to an individual who don’t care sucks. Along with your message, your target market focused on is vital to the successful campaign. Even as starting the aperture and carpeting the net with your message may internet you one or two random backers, a targeted, direct advertising marketing campaign is the name of the game to funding your venture. The greater subtle and certain you may be about your target audience, the greater success you will be at turning in your message to them in a manner that makes them buy into your marketing campaign.

Finally, don’t consider crowdfunding as the give up all of the fund raising. Don’t forget relying on the website online , you must attain your purpose and you get not anything , so setting a smallest aim and exceeding is not best clever commercial enterprise , however it features as a form of social evidence for different prospective backers , would you lower back a venture that’s stay for a month and better secured for its goals.


In the end, your crowdfunding marketing campaign is handiest as exact because the time, attempt, and passion that you put into it. Like other varieties of fundraising, crowdfunding is an effective alternative in case your product is viable, wished, and popular along with your audience. however, if you haven’t executed your homework, anticipate being looking at a large to your bottom line on the cease of your campaign.